Spa Rituals

“Elevate your senses and experience PURE BODY EUPHORIA with these worldly body treatments.”

– Vance Soto

Elevate your mind, body, and senses with these ultimate body services. Since pioneering wet room services decades ago, we have mastered the art of what has come to be this legendary experience. SPA RITUALS come with a complimentary glass of champagne to start your journey. All SPA RITUALS are enhanced with grated cucumber eye masks. After your wet room experience, you’re invited to exhale in our meditation lounge while you enjoy fresh sliced fruit before heading off to your private suite for a 50 minute Swedish or deep tissue massage.



Our Signature Spa Ritual begins with a 15 min purifying warm foot soak of magnesium sulfate crystals and herbal elements. Once in the wet room we start with a customized massage to stimulate the lymphatic system. A dead sea salt scrub will exfoliate the body and allow for toxin elimination. An exotic seaweed wrap that’s harvested from the western tip of Brittany France will then be luxuriously applied to the body. This will speed up the metabolic system, remove toxic fluid buildup, and allow for fresh fluid replacement. Complete with our signature hair and scalp treatment, this detoxification ritual will leave you renewed and refreshed. After a tropical rain rinse it’s off to your suite for a full 50 minute Swedish or deep tissue massage.

125 minutes I $375


Retreat into a sensual ritual of heat, steam, rich scent and relaxation. We start this treatment using an intoxicating blend of sugar, coffee, olive stones and fresh lemons to exfoliate and tone the skin, followed by a jasmine rose clay wrap to polish and soften. A tropical rain rinse removes clay and cleanses using Moroccan mint tea and silt. The treatment finishes with a heated cardamom deep tissue massage complemented with a healing application of rich shea butter and tangerine to enrich and illuminate skin. To complete your experience it’s off to your suite for a full 50 minute Swedish or deep tissue massage.

110 minutes I $350

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Experience an acupressure point scalp massage using a custom formulation to repair and condition your hair. Your feet are treated to reflexology with warm lavender body oil. Next, your body is purified using Ole’s clarifying body wash and then awakened with our aromatic rub n’ buff salt scrub followed by a tropical rain rinse Your body is then sumptuously moisturized with lavender body oil and body sleek hydrating lotion. Finally, your treatment is finished with a full body massage including hand reflexology and a gentle pressure point massage.

110 minutes I $325

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Be royally transformed with this sensorial treatment. Your therapist will exfoliate you from head to toe with our lavish rub n’ buff salt scrub, followed by a warm honey wrap to lock in moisture and provide anti-bacterial benefits. Freshly grated cucumber will gently be applied to your face allowing the active enzymes to penetrate. While in your warm honey cocoon, enjoy an invigorating seaweed foot ritual. After your tropical rain rinse it’s off to your suite for a full 50 minute Swedish or deep tissue massage.

110 minutes I $325

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