Inch Loss




An Infrared blanket sweat session with the enhanced touches of SPA. Your own private suite, personal TV or iPads, chilled spa water, chilled towels, a personal spa concierge to attend to your every need. Your session wouldn’t be complete without your concierge to wipe your forehead down every 10 minutes and spritz you with chilled facial tonic.

Lose 600 – 1800 calories, melt away unwanted inches and lose up to one clothing size with 6 to 10 treatments, detoxify by releasing heavy metals and toxins, decongest pores and improve your skin, heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increases while diastolic blood pressure drops. The result boosts overall cardiovascular fitness, eases aches and bodily pains, reduces stress, improves sleeping ability.

55 minutes I Single melt $45
Packages and monthly membership available

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This scientifically proven inch loss treatment guarantees you’ll lose at least six inches in just two hours; with results lasting up to 30 days so you can be con dent of looking great long after leaving our Spa. This unique clay formula and special wrapping technique also tightens and tones your body while exfoliating and cleansing the skin so you not only look great, you’ll feel fabulous too, after just one treatment. (First 1⁄2 hour consists of intake measurements and wrapping, followed by one hour of rest and relaxation. The last 1⁄2 hour consists of unwrapping and final measurements.)

120 minutes $250.00 (with measurements)
80 minutes $210.00 (without measurements)

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Cool cucumber eye mask $15

Pure aromatherapy oxygen breathing $20

LED light therapy
(stimulate collagen and improve acne) $35

Jade Facial Rollers (releases allergies/congestion) $25

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